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Gosdep: the USA will continue to improve relations from the Russian Federation, despite disagreements

Washington, 25 okt - News, Denis Voroshilov. the USA will continue reboot of relations W Russia, despite disagreements on some questions, Victoria Nuland has declared the official representative of State department.

On Tuesday the third party in the state hierarchy of the USA, the speaker of the House of Representatives of the congress John Boner has in harsh terms responded ABT situation development in Russia and has once again demanded from Barack Obama`s administration to curtail reboot and to accept concerning the Russian Federation more rigid course. In particular, Boner has declared inadmissibility " occupations " Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

" We are in constant dialogue W Russia at all levels and on all questions, including across Georgia. We already declared that we support the sovereignty and territolnuju integrity of Georgia, and we is absolute iskrenni from the Russian Federation in this question. Here there is a certain disagreement between us, however, we reboot relations and we will co-operate with Russia in all questions in what only it is possible and we will continue discuss all questions, including on what we do not have compromise " - Nuland at a briefing on Tuesday has told.

answering questions of journalists, Nuland has underlined that the USA successfully co-operate with the Russian Federation across Iran.

" We continue bilateral discussion of those measures which we can accept concerning Iran " - has told the representative of State department.