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Earthquake in magnitude 6,9 has occurred in the south of Peru

Moscow, 28 okt - News. Earthquake in magnitude 6,9 has occurred on Friday in a southern part of Peru, informs a site of Geological service of the USA.

According to seismologists, tremors have been fixed in 13. 54 local time (22. 54 Moscow time). Earthquake epicentre settled down in 52 kilometres 2 the south from the coastal city of Ika and in 299 kilometres 2 jugo - to the east from Lima. The centre lay down on depth of 15 kilometres.

MSG on victims and destructions did not arrive yet. According to agency Rejter, tremors were strongly felt in Lima, according to eyewitnesses, in capital " buildings " were shaken;. On tsunami formation threat 2 it is not informed.

Through Peru passes Pacific " a fiery belt " - a strip of volcanoes and tectonic breaks of 40 thousand kilometres. It surrounds Pacific ocean, lying along coast Southern and the North America B4 a southern part of Alaska, then turns 2 Japan, Philippines and Indonesia and comes to the end around island New Guinea, New Zealand and jugo - the western Ocenia.

in " the Fiery ring " there is an overwhelming majority of known volcanoes of a planet. In the same place there are 90 % of all earthquakes on the Earth.