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Two persons have suffered at bombardment of territory of Israel

TEL - ABIB, 29 okt - News. In total 12 rockets and minometnyh shells have been let out on Saturday by insurgents from Gaza Strip on territory of Israel in reply to destruction by earlier Israeli Air Forces of five insurgents of grouping " Islamic jihad " in Gaza Strip, the representative a press - services of Army of defence of Israel has informed News.

At bombardment fragmental wounds were RCVed by two inhabitants of the Israeli cities of Ghana - Javne and Ashdod. One of rockets has got to an automobile parking of one of residential areas Ashdoda therefore there was a fire. Five persons have been hospitalised W a poisoning with carbonic oxide.

Training camp " Brigades of Al - Kuds " - a fighting wing " Islamic jihad " located in the south of Gaza Strip, has undergone to bombardment of the Israeli Air Forces on Saturday morning. Aviablows of the Israeli Air Forces on camp of extremists became the answer to rocket bombardment of vicinities of the Israeli city of Ashdod past Thursday, the press - services is SPK in a widespread MSG army.