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In Washington from - for a snowfall prepare for electricity disconnects

Washington, 29 okt - News, Maria Tabak. the snow First in this year has gone in the American capital, the correspondent of News broadcasts.

Earlier weather forecasters foretold approach 2 the American capital of snowfalls, however, under their forecasts to begin they should since morning of Saturday. However the first snow accompanied by a rain, has gone only 2 the middle of day.

Deposits yet have not led to mass disconnects of an electricity as it has occurred in the State of Pennsylvania where W/ O the electric power remain B4 70 thousand persons. Now in Washington and vicinities only 160 persons have suffered from the disconnects called by a wire breakage of a transmission line. At the same time, in the north of the State of Maryland responsibility for which bears the power company from Pennsylvania, W/ O light remained 20 thousand persons.

As have informed News in the power company Pepso which are responsible for power supply of capital region, it is not excluded that at snowfall strengthening, the quantity of disconnects will increase.

" As well as in all last cases, the quantity of disconnects will grow, this commonplace. Our repair brigades are ready to leave immediately 2 places of the failures, some already work over elimination nepoladkov " - representative Pep˝o has told.

In the city mayoralty have noticed that decisions on transfer of emergency services on a mode of the raised readiness, however such decision have not made yet it can be accepted in a near time.

" Now we do not C the reasons of it to do as snow is accompanied by a rain and does not turn to snowdrifts on roads and streets as it occurs in states New York and Pennsylvania. But people are ready to pass to a mode of the raised readiness " - has told News the representative of administration of district of Columbia.

Snow in capital district of Columbia in October dropped out last time in 1979. Usually snowfalls in capital USA begin in December - January, and the first night frosts - in the end of November.

Earlier weather forecasters predicted loss B4 10 centimetres of snow in Washington on Saturday.