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Abramovich`s Performance in court: laconic answers of the missing oligarch

LDN, 31 okt - News. Roman Abramovich has started to give on Monday evidences in process under the claim of other Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky; the first day of its performances was remembered by a missing kind of the respondent, more than laconic answers and sitting on a floor in the hammered halls journalists.

Berezovsky who on this process acted as the first in the beginning of October, has arrived to court hardly before the respondent and for the first time for last weeks has thrown to journalists at least one phrase.

" I am glad to victory " the Arsenal " - he has told, meaning loss in a past week-end in the next tour of the championship of England the command belonging to Abramovich " Chelsea ".

Since early morning - for two hours prior to the beginning of hearings - in court the set of journalists, the interested business of lawyers and curious public has already gathered. 2 the beginning of judicial day in a hall - it contains hardly more than 30 persons - there were no empty seats, in two press - rooms people stood in the doorway and sat on a floor.

In rather unprofitable position there were Russian-speaking journalists who could not or have not wanted to get to a hall. Rooms from video - and text translation give only English translation of all event, without giving possibility to listen respondent on source language - Abramovich acts on - russki. Thus, journalists 4 articles should do double transfer.

At first the assistant to the judge of Elizabeth Gloster has explained News that the court yet has not made the decision on Russian translation W/ O simultaneous interpretation. After the demand of the correspondent, the command of lawyers of Abramovich has promised to bring up this question, however the judge has given refusal.

Boris Berezovsky has appeared in court W a red poppy on a jacket lapel - in honour of the British annual charitable action on fund raising to veterans of wars.

Roman Abramovich did not begin to swear on the Bible, having preferred the civil form of an oath.

the Respondent looked not simply quiet, but EVN missing. Abramovich W8 for an exit of the judge, propping up a head a hand or two hands. Berezovsky W an exit in a box 4 the witness of the opponent has considerably quickened, often laughed and exchanged glances with the command.

Abramovich, on the contrary, did not show any emotions. Responding very kindly, it was thus extremely short EVN in a native language. If Berezovsky, giving evidences, went deep into history and entered discussion with lawyers of the opponent, for what RCVed time and again remarks from the judge, the respondent gave basically terse answers.

When lawyer Lawrence Rabinovitts has tried to clear up some key questions 4 process - a leah shared " Sibneft " at purchase fifty-fifty between Abramovich and partners, a leah truth that W/ O Berezovsky`s political weight in 1990 - e years in Russia it was impossible to do business and so on - acting shortly cut off " Is not present " " it do not agree ".

Having given for all day of hearings of all some the developed answers, Abramovich thus constantly apologised B4 court and Rabinovittsem that does not understand questions EVN W transfer, asked the lawyer not to set complicated questions and to break the remarks into some phrases.

" It is a pity to me, I want help, but I do not understand, about what you SPK " - he has some times repeated.

Thus the oligarch has told, how lawyers prepared it for performance in court. Presence at sessions in Britain demands observance of traditional etiquette, for example, prostration court on an input and an exit from a hall. If Rabinovitts tried to achieve, a leah someone helped the respondent to write its witness application, Abramovich has told that all help consisted in training " to the report ": " Me learnt to look at the judge, easy to breathe ". Last remark has called loud laughter in a hall.

Predictably, Abramovich will act in court till the end of the next week.