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the UNSF has accepted the resolution offered by Russia on arms in Libya

the UN Security Council has accepted on Monday the resolution offered by Russia, called not to admit hit of the weapon saved up in Libya, including PZRK, in hands of terrorists.

Russia expressed earlier concern to that in the conditions of the conflict in Libya there were ownerless arms, warehouses and the weapon were plundered became " to flow away " for limits of the Libyan territory. The sense of this initiative consisted in drawing to this problem ATTN of the international community and counterterrorist bodies, including in United Nations system.

In the resolution the appeal 2 the Libyan authorities " contains; To undertake all necessary steps 4 prevention of distribution of the NE weapon and connected W it matelnyh means of all types, ESP the figurative it is antiaircraft - rocket complexes, 4 maintenance of their appropriate storage, and also 4 performance it is international - legal obligations of Libya in the field of control over arms, disarmament and non-distribution by means of full realisation of their plans in this area ".

the UNSF has called 2 the authorities in Tripoli to co-ordinate the actions W the Organization on prohibition of the chemical weapon with a view of destruction of stocks of the chemical weapon available for them according to their international obligations.

All states of region as has decided Security council, should consider appropriate measures 4 distribution prevention in region of the NE weapon, ESP PZRK.

the International organisations and United Nations bodies urged to render in it assistance to the Libyan authorities and the region states, is SPK in the resolution.

Armed revolt in Libya proceeded about nine MTH. During opposition of a correcting mode and forces of opposition thousand persons were lost, the huge damage has been put economy of this oil-producing country. Muamar Kaddafi, 42 years correcting by Libya, was lost on October, 20th in vicinities of the small native land - the cities of Sirt.