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the Opposition of Greece rejects a referendum on country crediting

Parliamentary opposition of Greece in the name of centre-right party " New democracy " has refused to give necessary support to the initiative of prime minister Jorgosa Papandreu on referendum carrying out ABT the further program of crediting of the country the European Union.

" Elections RN! It is the best and safe " a referendum ". All the rest represents a deviation from democracy and accident 4 the country " - it is SPK in the statement of the representative " New democracy " Jannisa Mihelakisa which have entered News.

4 referendum carrying out 180 voices of deputies 300 - local parliament are required, and ruling left-centrist movement PASOK has only 153 voices.

the Prime minister - minister Jorgos Papandreu has declared on Monday that national voting is necessary 4 approval of decisions of EU from October, 26th. The EU countries have decided to write off B4 50 % of a debt of Greece on hands of private investors, or about 100 billion from 360 - a milliard state debt of the country. In exchange from Greece demand the long-term program of rigid budgetary economy.

" Mister Papandreu is resolute and dangerous. As a coin, it throws abiding of Greece in Europe which always was the basic strategic choice of the Greek people in air. He SPK the Greek people: " If you do not vote for my choice, I will deduce you from Europe " - the representative of opposition has declared.

As he said, the prime minister is incapable to operate the country. " instead of leaving adequately, it (Papandreu) blows up all and endangers. It is dangerous and should leave " - the representative of opposition has declared.

the Left-centrist government of party PASOK has won elections in 2009 on promises of increase in expenses, but at once has accused the preceding government " New democracy " in inflating of deficiency of the state budget. According to all available information, deficiency for 2009 has made almost 16 % of gross national product. Owing to a credibility gap in the markets Greece has lost possibility refinansirovat a state debt a market way and in May, 2010 has resorted to stabilisation credits of EU and IMF in exchange for budgetary reductions. As a result of the spent policy the debt has grown from 120 % of gross national product B4 approximately 160 % of gross national product, and economy recession during the current year is expected at level of 5,5 % of gross national product. The right-centrist opposition in Greece declares that the direction of reforms is erroneous.