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the Population of the USA countenances Obama`s decision on a withdrawal of troops from Iraq - poll

NJU - York, 2 aching - News. the Overwhelming majority of citizens of the USA support the decision of president Barack Obama on a withdrawal of American troops from Iraq till the end of current year, results of poll of the research service Gallup, published on Wednesday bear.

US authorities declared the official termination of fighting operation in Iraq since September, 2010. In the end of October of this year president Obama has declared that its administration has made decision not to save military presence at this country after 2011, all American military men will be deduced from Iraq by the end of December. As representatives of the White house have explained to journalists, such decision was accepted after attempt to agree W the Iraq authorities about preservation of military presence of the USA in the country (Americans planned to leave some thousand military men in Iraq) and immunity 4 military men have failed.

According to poll, 75 % of the population of the USA support Obama`s decision on a withdrawal of troops, and among democrats, unlike republicans, approval almost unanimous - 96 %. At the same time, as researchers of service Gallup mark, only 9 % of republicans on a broader scale countenance the policy spent by Obama, agree to the data for last three MTH.

Poll has been spent by TEL by a method of casual sample 29 - on October, 30th in all 50 states of the country and federal district of Columbia. 992 citizens of the USA participated in it is more senior 18 years. An error - at level of 4 %.

Population of the USA is made 312,5 million by person.