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the Eurocommission has acted W offers on strengthening of financial discipline in EU

the European commission has acted W offers on strengthening of financial discipline in the European union.

as the correspondent " passes; News " an essence of offers have announced on Wednesday on a press - conferences the chairman of Eurocommission Romano Prodi and the commissioner under the finance of Pedro Solbes.

If EU Advice will support these offers the executive device in Bruxelles can strengthen the power and establish more rigid control over union member states in formation of a budgetary policy. First of all it concerns the major macroeconomic indicators: the limiting sizes of deficiency of the state budget and a public debt.

so-called " the Maastricht criteria " And accepted on their basis before introduction of uniform currency - euro - the Pact of stability and growth do not suppose budgetary deficiency above 3 percents of gross national product, and a public debt - above 60 percents of gross national product.

Prodi has declared that the Eurocommission supports " flexibility " in observance of these criteria and deviation from them for limited time under certain conditions. She suggests to approach to an estimation of a macroeconomic situation of this or that EU country " W mind " W/ O a formalism, but it is strict. The disciplined countries should be rewarded, and infringers - are punished. " we only want guarantees of that the states carried out of the obligations accepted top-level, - has declared Prodi. - those who has relaxed, should for it pay ".

According to observers in Bruxelles, this prevention concerns first of all Germany which has left for a three-percent threshold of budgetary deficiency. Germany and Portugal fall under the disciplinary procedure fraught with heavy fines. However in the beginning of year Advice of EU representing the governments of the countries of the union, has not supported Eurocommission. Germany as the largest EU country has in it most of all voices and has put pressure upon others. Indicators of Greece, Italy, France not very well look.