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At the Viennese stock exchange the quotation of a summary index " has slightly raised; ATIks "

the Quotation " ATIks " a summary index of the Viennese stock exchange " Wiener Berze AG " which works in the union W the Frankfurt Stock Exchange " Dojche Berze AG " also defines a status Austrian and international " blue counters " in the country, on Wednesday has again slightly raised - increase has made 0,07 percents

As the correspondent " passes; News " on it have informed in board " Wiener Berze AG ".

the Quotation " ATIks " as a whole has increased more than on 0,77 units and has stopped on a mark 1103,93 points - by cumulative result of current week this notable enough increase.

the share market of the Austrian enterprises and the companies at a weak trade turnover of day is noted, however, EZ pljusovymi by acquisitions in comparison with the previous session.

Stock quote of one of the largest Austrian concerns " Again has a little raised; Jo - Wood " - on 0,04 percents of the Action of telecommunication concern " Aust a Telecom " 2 have essentially increased - at once on 1,68 percents

Actions of one of the largest Austrian credit - financial institutions " Erste Esterrajhishe Shparkassen - bank " have raised the quotation on 0,05 percents, and concern " Vinerberger " - at once on 1,05 percents

the Index of the enterprises W high technology " FA Technologists " has increased almost by 2 percents, and only concern " Majr - Majnhof " - unique from the large enterprises, should " to report " ABT failure: the quotation of its actions has fallen at once to 2,31 percents

stock quotes of the largest petrochemical and metallurgical concern of Austria " Have raised 2; FEST Alpine " - on 0,77 percents - and oil and gas concern " OMF " - on 0,85 percents that became essential " an increase " 2 results already reached by these two concerns.