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Hans Bliks doubts cooperation with Hussein`s party Sadama

Hans Bliks on - former doubts cooperation from Saddam Hussein in inspection of the Iraq objects. ABT it as the correspondent " passes; News " the head of the commission of the United Nations of supervision, inspections and control Hans Bliks has informed in broadcasting company interview " Si - En - En ".

Making comments on results of the first day of inspections in Iraq, Bliks has underlined that to the international inspectors " it is necessary to give time to estimate, a leah will be their mission effective ". It has reminded that according to the UNSF resolution, till December, 8th Iraq should inform on all types of weapon of mass destruction available for it and programs on its creation. " and the USA remain with the United Nations the big doubts that Iraq will satisfy this condition " - has declared Bliks.

As he said, it " should become some kind of a reference point " in United Nations WRK. " It will give the chance to us to judge degree of cooperation or refusal of cooperation which we can expect from Hussein " - has underlined Bliks.