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Number of Russian inhabitants in Crimea it was reduced to 7,1 percents

As has informed " News " the chief of Central administrative board of statistics of Valentine Kolesnik, according to all available information in Crimea lives 2 million 33 tys 700 persons. In comparison with the data of the previous census, the autonomy population has decreased on 30 tys inhabitants, that is all for 1 percents while in many regions of the country - on 10 - 12 percents, and as a whole across Ukraine - on 3 million persons or about 6 percents

According to the experts, the Crimean indicators do not bear at all to the increased standard of living as the natural decrease in Crimea has made 89 tys, and migratory - 57 tys the person. As a result of these losses number of Russian inhabitants de - fakto has decreased on 7,1 percents, and an aggregate number krymchan it could be reduced on 5 - 6 percents The autonomy population has been filled at the expense of homecoming before the deported Crimean Tatars which representation among inhabitants of an autonomy has increased on 10,9 percents

According to GU statisticans, now in Crimea representatives of 125 nationalities and nationalities live.

Russian make 58,5 percents of them/ in 1989 - 65,6 percents/, Ukrainians - 24,4 percents/ 26,7 percents/, the Crimean Tatars - 12,1 percents/ 1,9 percents/; Armenians - 0,4 percents/ 0,1 percents/, Jews - 0,2 percents/ 0,7 percents/. Sharp reduction of representatives of such radical people, as karaimy and krymchaki which on peninsula nowadays is according to 0,3 percents and 0,1 percents from the general population is noted.

from all poleetnicheskogo the population Russian consider the native 77 percents, Ukrainian - 10,1 percents; krymsko - Tatar - 11,4 percents of inhabitants of Crimea.