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Bagdad: inspectors of the United Nations spy

Bagdad has directed official protest JUNMOVIK concerning gathering by separate international inspectors of the prospecting information concerning defensive potential of Iraq.

as the correspondent " passes; News " on it has informed on Thursday in a course a press - conferences in Bagdad the representative of the Iraq government general Hasan Muhamed Amin, whose performance was broadcast by a broadcasting company of Si - En - En.

the General has given for the first time concrete substantiations of statements of the country leaders ABT espionage from inspectors. In particular, as he said, during inspection on one of military air bases, inspectors set not concerning manufacture or storage to the OHM questions, including on command of base and telephone numbers of commanders, quantity samoletovyletov, ABT planes being on base both other combat material and arms. General Amin 2 has informed that the inspector tried to RCV a video film W the air base photographed on it and details of recently constructed constructions.

according to general Amina, actions of separate international inspectors run counter to the frameworks of the mandate established by the resolution of UNSF 1441 and are obvious display of espionage concerning defensibility of Iraq.