Rus News Journal

the Quotation " blue counters " the Quotation of the basic Austrian index " has raised at once for 1 percent

; ATIks " characterising a status " blue counters " in the country, on Thursday has raised - for 1,11 percent. On it have informed " News " in board of the Viennese stock exchange " Venus Berze AG " working in an alliance W the Frankfurt Stock Exchange " Dojche Berze AG ".

Cost expression of the specified index has made 1161,08 points that above in comparison with the previous session on 12,78 units.

at the auctions on Thursday when the AVG trade turnover, actions of the largest Austrian telecommunication company " has been noted as a whole; Aust a Telecom " have raised in the price at once on 5,78 percents, and stock quote of one of the greatest Austrian concerns " Vinerberger " has increased more than by 2,41 percents

Stock quote of the Austrian airlines " AUA " and the Viennese international airport " SHvehat " 2 has gone upwards, pljusovoj the balance has made at once 2,49 percents

However stock quote of one of the largest credit - financial institutions " Erste Esterrajhishe Shparkassen - Bank " has fallen to 1,26 percents, and the price of one action has reached a mark 57 euros.

the prices for actions of the enterprises of the newest technologies " Have raised also; FA Technologists " - at once on 3 percents, and " EVN " - on 3,11 percents