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Romania is included ahead of schedule into a zone of Shengena

the Romanian authorities enter a new mode 4 entrance of foreigners to the country which actually transforms its eastern frontier into border of a zone of Shengena, the correspondent " passes on Thursday; News ".

According to the government directive, tourists, businessmen, and also other interested persons should have the sum not less than 100 euros/ or an equivalent in is hard to currency/ counting on every day abiding in the country. Only in this case they have the right to the short-term visa, including transit on territory of Romania. The order comes into force since January, 27th, 2003

the New mode gives some indulgences to foreign businessmen under condition of investment by them in local economy not less than 100 tys euro - 4 them corresponding documents pass through the Ministry of Finance.

as have informed journalists in a press - the government service, the taken measures " Are entered in the program of the introduction of Romania in the European Union and urged to provide protection of national borders against illegal immigrants and the organised crime ".

In turn head Romanian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has declared that intention of the authorities to equip the borders " as Shengena " follows from obligations of Bucharest to the EU countries - in reply to cancellation of visas to the Romanian citizens leaving to the Western Europe.

the minister has noticed that though this step is undertaken B4 the introduction of the country into EU, roughly planned for 2007, the resources necessary for creation " Romanian Shengena in the east " will be allocated.