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In matelah Iraq ABT military programs is " blanks "

Heads JUNMOVIK and IAEA have acquainted on Thursday of councillors of Security of the United Nations/ UNSF/ W preliminary results of WRK of inspectors in Iraq.

as the correspondent " passes; News " Hans Bliks and Mohamed Al - Baradei have CFMed upon termination of private consultations in UNSF that they did not manage to find out certificates of presence or manufacture in Iraq any kinds OMP.

" the Iraq party on - former gives us access/ 2 objects of inspections/ W/ O delays, inspetsii cover more and more wide areas and growing number of objects, and during checks we have not found any " a smoking pistol " - head JUMOVIK Hans Bliks has underlined, being converted 2 journalists.

according to Bliksa, far not exhaustive is and the list of scientists given by Bagdad - developers of military programs of Iraq. " It does not include EVN those names which remained with us in archives from the previous inspections " - he has noticed.

in turn the head of IAEA Mohamed Al - Baradei has noticed that the international inspectors need more active support from Iraq. Al - Baradei disavowed the information given to the USA that Iraq imported aluminium pipes as centrifuge details on uranium enrichment. " we contact W proizoditeljami pipes, the question is not closed, but as of 2DAY we consider that pipes intended for cases of rockets " - has informed Al - Baradei.

answering a question on interviewing possibility in the third countries of the Iraq scientists concerning military programs, Hans Bliks has noticed that their great number is spent and now. By its estimation, EVN despite presence predstavitelj the authorities at interrogations of the Iraq experts, " It not

According to Al - Baradei, it has notified Security Council that IAEA has no possibility to interrogate the Iraq scientists in private conditions that, in its opinion, bears to absence of initiative support from Bagdad. Thus, as he said, claims of inspectors extend not only to Bagdad. " the information/ prospecting character/ is necessary to us from the governments of other third countries ABT what we 2 have specified/ during UNSF consultations/ " - he has declared.

as has informed Al - Baradei, heads JUNMOVIK and IAEA intend to visit Bagdad 19 - on January, 20th. " naturally, we intend to pass Iraq the list of available questions " - he has declared.

the head of IAEA has told 2 that inspections will be intensified and on January, 27th UNSF the next report on their results will be presented. " I want podchernut, - he has noticed, - that it is not definitive and will be only reflexion of results which we will RCV at that point in time ".

" We will continue WRK and after this date, and it remains more many " - the head of IAEA has told.