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In road accident on the international highway in Bulgaria 5 persons

Five persons were lost was lost at falling on Sunday of a minibus from the bridge in height about 70 metres on the international highway " Trakija " in Bulgaria.

as have informed " News " in a press - service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bulgaria, among victims - Turkish and Bulgarian citizens, two women and three men. At bus falling " Mercedes - 403 " has escaped 43 - the summer driver who is taken to hospital the city of Pazardzhik nearest to incident. His life out of danger.

the scene is in 60 km from the Bulgarian capital of Sofia. According to preliminary data, heavy failure has occurred at passing on the bridge through the minibus river cargo " Volvo ". The refrigerating trailer of the truck has struck a minibus, that has punched a bridge protection and has failed in the river. The police conducts search of the truck and witnesses of tragedy.