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In Spain movement of opponents of war against Iraq

From Madrid aside military - air base of Torrenhon - de - Ardos a protest march under the slogan " spreads; we Will stop war against Iraq! " hundreds people representing various political, trade-union and public organisations of Spain have gone.

as the correspondent " passes; News " B4 the beginning of a march the leader of the third in Spain political force, a coalition " Uniform Left " Gaspar Lamasares has called Jose Ma Asnara`s government " to cease to look only towards the USA and to reject war against Iraq " wherefore such war contradicts international law and will call humanitarian accident.

earlier W a similar appeal the leader of the main force of opposition, sotspartii, has acted as Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero who has paid attention of the government that against war in Iraq the overwhelming majority of the Spanish society acts. He has denounced the Spanish prime minister that he refuses to appear B4 parliament to explain a position of Spain on this question.

Besides, this " preventive war " cardinal Madrila, the president of Bishopic conference of Spain monsignor Antonio Ma Rouko Varela whom after Pope John Pavlom 2 - the m has declared that war against Iraq " has rigidly denounced; nothing obosnovanna " and " eticheski it is inadmissible ".

Protesting against war in Iraq Spaniards specify that movement against this war and EVN in the USA where on Saturday in demonstrations against it participated hundred thousand the persons all over the world spreads, three of ten Americans do not wish war if convincing proofs against Bagdad are not presented.