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Employees of the Valdai museum in 30 - gradusnye colds managed to rescue all exhibits, including a palm tree

Exhibits of the Museum of a district city in the city of Valdai of the Novgorod region have not suffered as a result of failure on thermal networks.

as on Sunday has informed " News " the director of a museum Galina Moiseyev, failure was not reflected almost in a status of exhibits, both in expositions, and in store rooms.

the museum of a district city was W/ O a heat supply almost 12 days. According to Galina Moiseevoj, after failure from Novgorod to Valdai 3 powerful heaters which have established on one on ANY1 floor of a museum and in a cellar have been delivered. Nevertheless in the top premises of a museum, in rooms W high ceilings and the big windows, despite all reasonable efforts, the temperature from time to time fell B4 minus marks.

nevertheless, has noted the director, the cold snap was not reflected in a status of pictures, documents, ceramics, photos and other exhibits almost.

Moreover, Galina Moiseyev has told, in the defrozen museum premises regional specialists have defended EVN the live plants making surroundings of expositions. In frosts has survived 50 - summer 2 - the metre palm tree, presented to the Museum of a district city the Valdai teacher Sofia Hromovoj.

the director considers as the big luck that in museum premises all time was dry.