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In Simferopol sanctification of square of Victory

In Simferopol on Sunday has taken place Religious procession and ceremony of sanctification of square of Victory where the first orthodox cathedral church of Crimea of a name of sacred prince Alexander Nevsky will be restored has taken place.

as the correspondent " passes; News " solemn worship service was headed by a metropolitan of Simferopol and Crimea the Lazarus, and participation in it was accepted by ecclesiastics of the Crimean archdiocese of the Ukrainian orthodox church Moscow patrhata and weights of church-goers.

in honour of Kreshchenija Gospodnja in Victory square holy water from a curative source of the Alushtinsky monastery of Kosmy and Damian since the old days known for the miracle force has been delivered. Round two tankers W life-giving water Q were formed of thousand pilgrims. The law and order in the overflowed square was protected more by than hundreds military men of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and 32 - go the army case of Armed forces of Ukraine, deployed on peninsula.

Orthodoxies ". This, first cathedral church on the peninsula, brought in the Book of records of Crimea, has been erected in 1830 by Taurian governor Nikolay Perovsky/ Sofia Perovsky`s grandfather/, and in 1930, during struggle of the Soviet power W " opium 4 the people " it is blown up and srovnen W the earth.

on its place in 1944 the Monument - the Tank in honour of the Soviet warriors - deliverers of the Crimean capital from German - fascist aggressors has been established, and the former Cathedral square is renamed into Victory square.

in 2002 under the petition of the Crimean archdiocese the parliament and the government of an autonomy have made the decision on revival " Orthodoxy pearls " on historical a place and ABT creation on its basis uniform spiritually - the patriotic complex including monuments of military glory of three centuries. The large-scale project compared by experts in grandness W Moscow Christ the Saviour Cathedral, is planned to realise 2 the middle of 2005 exclusively at the expense of donations krymchan and visitors of peninsula.

meanwhile, Monument carrying over - the Tank on a new pantheon in the same square on Thursday has called a protest action of veterans of war and active workers of Association " Ecology and the world ". Front-line soldiers have passed an opinion alarm of possible destruction at building of a temple of a communal grave of the Soviet warriors which remains it is planned perezahoronit, and " green " of cutting down of unique blue spruces, pines, the firs decorating square are afraid.

on Sunday these contradictions managed to be overcome. According to orthodox church-goers, the peace resolution of conflict was contributed by sanctification of the future building kreshchenskoj water.