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the UN Security Council underlines that NE acts of terrorism have criminal and unjustified character

NE certificates of terrorists have criminal and unjustified character, irrespective of their motivating, when and by whom they were accepted. ABT it as the correspondent " passes; News " it is SPK in the declaration accepted following the results of session of the UN Security Council on an antiterrorist problematics at level of Ministers for Foreign Affairs which has come to the end on Monday in New York.

" these certificates should be accordingly denounced, ESP, when they are directed against civilians " - it is underlined in the document.

in the declaration it is noticed that exists " serious and growing threat of access of terrorists 2 nuclear, biological and to others potentially killing matelam ". In this connection, the UNSF marks necessity to strengthen control over them.

According to UNSF, " Quickly " measures on protection and suppression of financial streams and funds which are used in the terrorist purposes should be strengthened.

as it is marked in the declaration, it is necessary to take 2 measures on a non-admission of use by terrorists in the interests of other kinds of criminal activity such, as the transnational organised crime, manufacture and transportation of drugs, washing up " dirty " money, transportation of arms and technics.

" the terrorism can be defeated only in the event that to operate according to the Charter of the United Nations and norms of international law, using the universal approaches including active participation of all states, the international and regional organisations, and also repeatedly to strengthen counteraction to terrorism at national level " - it is SPK in the UNSF document.