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Martin Luther King`s Widow continues business of the husband

the Widow of known American Black figure Martin Luther King Koretta King has called George Bush`s administration " to search for peace alternative to war W Iraq ".

As the correspondent " passes; News " on Monday in the USA celebrates a national feast - the Day Martin Luther King declared by Bush in the federal day off.

acting in Atlanta/ the State of Georgia/ on the occasion of day of memory of the spouse, the Nobel prize winner of the world which was lost from hands of the murderer in 1968, Koretta King has declared that " its example should direct and excite " the USA on searches of peace alternatives to power decisions of the international conflicts, including the conflict in Iraq, in the Near East and others.

" we remember Martin Luther King as the great fighter for peace who has warned us that war is the bad tool 4 creation of the peace future " - has underlined Koretta King.