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the President of Lebanon and the chairman of the Union of Armenians of Russia have discussed questions of expansion of cooperation of the Armenian communities of two countries

the President of Lebanon Emil Lahud has accepted on Monday of the chairman of the Union of Armenians of Russia being in Lebanon Ara Abramjana.

As the correspondent " passes; News " Abramjan has arrived to Lebanon under the invitation of the Catholicos of orthodox Armenians of Lebanon of Aram of the First. The purpose of its visit as he has informed the Lebanese president to get acquainted with life of the Armenian community in Lebanon and to study ways of expansion of cooperation of the Russian and Lebanese Armenian communities to economy and culture areas.

Ara Abramjan has informed the president of Lebanon that living in Russia of 2 million Armenians play an appreciable role in the Russian society, in economic life of the country. He has noted necessity of wider cooperation of the Armenian diaspora for Russia and Lebanon in various areas, first of all in the field of economy, and also to attraction 2 this cooperation of other communities in both countries.

the Lebanese president, from its part, has underlined importance of strengthening and cooperation expansion between Armenians of Lebanon and Russia, ESP in areas of economy and economic development.

at a MTG there was an ambassador of Russia in Lebanon Boris Bolotin.