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In Bulgarian " Kozlodue " pressure

the Third power unit of the Bulgarian atomic power station " has gone down; Kozloduj " it is stopped on Monday from - for pressure decline in the first contour of the reactor.

as have informed " News " in a press - service of the atomic power station located on the river Danube, the stop reason began to flow in water delivery system in the first contour. The system is isolated, repair work according to technological instructions is conducted.

a radiating background around the atomic power station " Kozloduj " W/ O changes. The national Agency is notified on the happened on nuclear regulation.

on 1 - 4 block of the Bulgarian atomic power station aqueous reactors VVER - 440/ In - 230 still the Soviet manufacture are used.

the European Union insists on a conclusion from operation 1 - 4 blocks, making this demand as one of the main conditions of possible acceptance of Bulgaria in EU. On the eve of new 2003 electric power manufacture on 1 - an ohm and 2 - an ohm blocks has been definitively stopped. ABT terms and conditions of a stop 3 - go and 4 - go blocks in the country there are hot discussions though the government has the preliminary arrangement from EU ABT their closing till 2007.