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the French experts foretell substantial increase of the prices for oil

Experts of analytical division " SZH Ekonomik Rezerch " entering into system of one of the largest French banks " Sosete Zheneral SA " predict rise in prices for crude oil a minimum B4 40 dollars for barrel in case of the beginning of war of the USA against Iraq.

as the correspondent " passes; News " in published on channels general sekretata the OPEC in Vienna the statement of the head " SZH Economy of Rezerch " Frederika Lassera is SPK that the risks connected with the power markets, in a case razvjazyvanija military operations against Saddam Hussein`s mode will be unpredictable, but anyway " huge, and they will concern not only Iraq, but also all Near East and Europe ".

According to Lassera, in this case the OPEC will face " W almost impracticable problem on stabilisation of the world power markets, especially, if also consequences of incessant strike of oil industry workers in Venezuela " here will be added;.