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In Dagestan investigation on the case of murder of Aruhova

In the Sovereign court of Dagestan will begin judicial investigation on the case of murder in May, 2005 of the minister of the national policy, the information and republic Zagira Aruhova external relations will begin.

As judge Magomed Aliev, on Thursday nachenetsja discussion of points of order and formation of board of jurymen has informed News. Consideration of this crime W participation of jurymen is spent by the Sovereign court of Dagestan under the petition of accused and their lawyers, Aliev has specified.

" Only after the decision of this procedure the date started of direct hearings on matelam 31 - languid business " will be defined; - the judge has told. As he said, in business contains more than 40 episodes, it is necessary to hear indications more than 80 victims.

the Main figurant on process to which the Office of Public Prosecutor of Dagestan, according to the investigation, has brought accusation in murder of the minister, 21 - the summer inhabitant of Makhachkala Dzhamil Kibedov. It unique survived from among members diversionno - the terrorist group Rasula Makasharipova, destroyed during special action in July, 2005 in Makhachkala.

" Kibedov got components 4 an explosive which has been established in an electric guard of an entrance of a nine-floor apartment house in the street Aliev and conducted supervision over a route of movement of Aruhova " - it is SPK in matelah consequences.

Together with Kibedovym B4 jurymen three more inhabitants of republic - Magomedtagir Gashimov, Amirhan Musaev and Israpil Iziev will appear. They 2 are involved in a number of other grave crimes - to explosion of a building of Office of Public Prosecutor of Lenin area of Makhachkala, 2 an encroachment on life of law enforcement officers.

Minister Aruhov has been killed evening on May, 20th, 2005 at returning from WRK home. According to the investigation, has developed the plan of elimination of the minister the head of criminal group Makasharipov.

As a result of act of terrorism the minister and its security guard have died on the spot, wounds of various severity level have RCVed four teenagers.