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Every eighth Russian uses the Internet

Every eighth inhabitant of Russia uses the Internet. As it is marked in the report of working group of the State Council concerning development mnformatsionnyh and communication technologies, quantity " the quantity of users the Internet and the computer in Russia constantly increases ".

On Thursday the report will be considered at session of presidium of the State advice.

" In 2005 the quantity of net surfers has made the Internet of 22 million person - every eighth inhabitant of Russia, and the total maintained komjuterov has exceeded 17 million pieces, having increased in comparison with 2004 more than by 16 % " - has informed News a source in working group of the State Council.

As he said, now the sphere information and kommunikaktsionnyh technologies (IKT) becomes more and more important strategic component socially - economic potential of Russia. " This branch develops is more QIK the Russian economy as a whole, showing high rates of increase at level about 20 % a year " - has noted a source.

" the branch Total amount in 2005 has come nearer to 1 trillion roubles, including the volume of sector of information technologies has exceeded 300 billion roubles " - the representative of working group of the State Council has informed News.

As he said, the share of experts of branch in structure of employment of the population makes about 2 %. " Thus labour productivity in the given sphere makes about 40 % from level of the USA, but simultaneously W these is the highest indicator in the Russian economy in which the average index is equal 18 % " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

He has noted considerable growth urovenja consumption IKT by the state organisations. " The total amount of financing of programs and projects of introduction IKT in federal authorities has reached in 2004 - nearby 6,2 millirada roubles, and in 2005 - 9,5 billion roubles " - the representative of working group has informed. As he said, at regional level volumes of financing of programs and projects in sphere IKT 2 " steadily grow ".

" 2DAY basically requirements of departments for computer facilities are satisfied, the local computer networks having in most cases access 2 a network the Internet " are created; - the interlocutor of agency has noted.

As he said, the actions directed on creation now are realised is information - a communication infrastructure of interaction of the state information systems among themselves and access 2 them of citizens and the organisations.