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In Moscow City Court hearings on the case of Paul Khlebnikov`s murder

In Moscow City Court on Tuesday will proceed hearings on the case of murder of the editor-in-chief of the Russian version of magazine " will proceed; Forbs " Paul Khlebnikov.

Process passes W participation of jurymen in the closed mode as in business there are documents under a signature stamp " confidentially " and " top secret ".

Predictably, on Tuesday in judicial session interrogation of victims and witnesses is planned.

the Lawyer of one of defendants Igor Korotkov has informed News that on Monday on process public prosecutor Dmitry Shokhin has begun representation of proofs on business and investigated documents on an episode connected with armed assault and murder vitse - a premiere of the government of the Chechen Republic Yana Sergunina.

" Nobody challenges that Sergunin has been killed, however the public prosecutor and has not presented the proofs bearing to guiltliness of defendants in a perfect crime " - the lawyer has told.

Paul Khlebnikov has been killed in Moscow on July, 9th, 2004. On a dock three accused - the Moscow notary Fail Sadretdinov, and also Musa Vahaev and Kazbek Dukuzov.

As have informed News in the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, during the investigation of criminal case it is established that murder is made by participants of an organised criminal group which structure included inhabitants of the Chechen Republic Kazbek Dukuzov, his brother Magomed Dukuzov, Musa Vahaev, Magomed Edilsultanov and others.

the Consequence 2 has established also the customer of murder of Hlebnikova. " It is an inhabitant of the Chechen Republic Hozh - Ahmed Nuhaev who has suggested participants of criminal group to kill for compensation Hlebnikova " - have told in the State Office of Public Prosecutor.

Now Nuhaev, Edilsultanov and Magomed Dukuzov are put on the wanted list.