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In the Novgorod region will pass doctrines on bird flu liquidation

On Tuesday, on February, 21st, in the Novgorod region will pass doctrines on liquidation of flash of a bird flu.

As have informed News in a press - the CTR of regional administration, doctrines will begin in settlement Podbereze. According to a legend, infectious flash will amaze birds on several private country farmsteads.

Participants of doctrines will fulfil techniques of operative revealing of dangerous disease and its liquidation, to spend disinfection of the infected territories and " to destroy " birds W disease signs.

experts will take part In doctrines territolnyh departments of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, Rospotrebnadzora and Rosselhoznadzora, veterinary surgeons and heads of poultry-farming economy from all areas of the Novgorod region.

" Similar doctrines in region will be spent for the first time " has noted an information source.

As the organizer of doctrines the commission (CHPK) on preventive maintenance " has acted regional extreme protivoepizooticheskaja; a bird flu ".

Regional CHPK in the Novgorod region has been created in the first of January of current year.

It was headed by the assistant to the governor Evgenie Volodko and the chairman of regional committee on veterinary science Nikolay Makievsky.

Along with creation extreme protivoepizooticheskoj the commissions in administration of the region the special plan of preventive actions has been confirmed.

In particular, in this plan measures on strengthening of control over import to the Novgorod region a live bird, production of poultry farming, forages and fodder additives were provided.

Before spring in all areas of area it was supposed to create mobile disinfection groups and to organise " hot TEL " On which novgorodtsy could inform veterinary surgeons on cases of disease and  destruction of birds.

According to the source information, in region birds of passage the Novgorod experts estimate threat of drift of dangerous disease as insignificant.

Through the Novgorod region from the countries Jugo - East Asia 30 kinds of birds migrate approximately.

Some concern of experts is called by that circumstance that ways of their migration pass through the Novgorod, Old Russian, Shimsky and Chudovsky areas of area where large integrated poultry farms and poultry-farming economy are located.

With a view of preventive maintenance the Novgorod poultry-farming enterprises are translated on so-called " closed " The operation mode, operates an interdiction for visitations by their persons who do not have the direct relation to manufacture, work round-the-clock sanpropuskniki, workers of the enterprises are provided by replaceable overalls and footwear, on integrated poultry farms the reserve of disinfection means is created, veterinary surgeons carry regular investigations of a livestock of birds and the personnel.