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Fursenko will take part in session by training in Petrozavodsk

the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Andrey Fursenko on Tuesday will arrive to Petrozavodsk. As it is planned, the minister will meet the head of republic Sergey Katanandov and will take part in session of working group of the State Council of the Russian Federation concerning education.

Besides, Fursenko will pass directors of comprehensive schools of 19 cities of Kareliya the so-called automated workplaces - modern mobile personal computers (laptops) with the specialised software, allowing to work W other personal computers in a class.

All within the limits of the project " education system Information " financed by the International bank of reconstruction and development, the technics complete set will be RCVed by 317 directors of schools of Kareliya and heads of controls education.

under the project in republic Kareliya for 2005 - 2008 will make the General expenses over $3,5 million. The republic will enclose in realisation of the project more than $1,8 million.

" As a result of project realisation ANY1 school and ANY1 teacher will get constant methodical support on the basis of interschool metodtsentrov, ANY1 director can introduce the automated management system educational process, over half of all teachers will raise the qualification in the field of IKT " - have informed News in Minobrnauki to the Russian Federation.

During a trip of Fursenko 2 will familiarise with WRK of library and it is information - computer centre of the Petrozavodsk state university, will meet rector PetrGu Victor Vasilevym.