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Putin`s Visit to Azerbaijan will stimulate to relations - the diplomat

Laying ahead in the third decade of February visit of the president of the Russian Federation to Azerbaijan will give a new impulse to mutual relations. It in News interview was declared by the Charge d`Affaires ad interim in affairs of Russia in Azerbaijan Peter Burdykin.

He 2 has informed that Vladimir Putin will take part in solemn ceremony of opening of Year of Russia in Azerbaijan.

To Azerbaijan, it has continued, " there will arrive representative delegation as a part of members of the government of Russia, in particular, it will include the first vitse - prime minister Alexander Medvedev, the minister of the industry and Victor Khristenko`s power, Minister of Justice Yury Chajku, governors, heads of republics and edges, representatives of large Russian business ".

As the Russian diplomat expects, being based on former experience Russian - the Azerbaijan contacts, visit of the president of Russia and its forthcoming negotiations W the president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, " become the next step 2 development of mutual relations, first of all, in economic sphere ".

So, as he said, " visit of president Putin to Azerbaijan in 2001 has led to revolutionary change in Azerbaijan - the Russian relations ". If before visit, on expression of Burdykina, " all went is shaky, shakily " after a MTG of the Russian president with Heydar Aliyev (the first president of Azerbaijan) " relations of two countries have obviously become warmer ".

Results, the diplomat has continued, have not kept itself waiting: W 2001 for 2005 goods turnover between two countries has grown four times and has made last year $1 billion, though " At the initial stage the task in view of increase in goods turnover between two countries twice seemed too ambitious ".

" Absolutely others, than before visit, positive mutual relations have developed 2 in the field of humanitarian communications of two countries, in sphere of culture, dialogue between people " - he has noted.

In days of abiding in Baku Russian delegation, the Russian diplomat has told, will take place not only opening of Year, business - a forum W participation more than 350 representatives of business circles of two countries which will begin WRK on February, 22nd will be spent 2, and in is sports - expocentre of a name of Heydar Aliyev the National Russian exhibition will open. On it the great number of subjects of the Russian Federation, production of the Russian enterprises, ready to trade in Azerbaijan will be presented.

" the Exhibition was prepared by professionals, and it will be certainly interesting both to businessmen, and 4 usual visitors " - Burdykin is convinced. Session joint intergovernmental Russian - the Azerbaijan commission on economic cooperation under the chairmanship of Victor Khristenko and the first vitse - a premiere of the government of Azerbaijan Abbasa Abbasova will take place 2. At session questions toplivno - a power complex, transport, manufacture and processing of production of agriculture, activity in innovative and bank spheres will be discussed.

the problems of business arising within the limits of bilateral economic relations, as " Besides, will be discussed; 4 businessmen the confidence of tomorrow " is very important; the diplomat has noted. On consideration of the parties is " a considerable quantity of projects of every possible agreements which 2 should be discussed ".

" As a whole, all complex Russian - the Azerbaijan relations, and also that can be carried out by means of these communications with the third countries " will be discussed; - the Charge d`Affaires ad interim in affairs of the Russian Federation in Azerbaijan has underlined.

SPK ABT military - technical cooperation of Russia and Azerbaijan, Peter Burdykin has expressed hope that its level " will raise ".

" Both parties co-operate literally in all areas including military - technical as the army and fleet of Azerbaijan to a certain extent are based on that technics which was was armed in the former USSR, - the diplomat has told. - Besides, the logic of cooperation of the Post-Soviet countries in military - technical sphere is dictated also by that there was a uniform system military - an industrial complex ".