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By 2008 in the Russian army there will be 70 % of contract employees - the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation

By 2008 in the Russian army will be 70 % of contract employees.

" by 2008 we count that number of military men under the contract, including officers, will increase B4 70 %. It, in turn, will allow to raise essentially fighting capacity of connections and parts of constant readiness and to pass 2 a call-up liability for a period of 12 MTH " - has told vitse - the prime minister, the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivans in interview to the newspaper " News ".

As he said, only within last year contract became 40 connections and military units of constant readiness. " 2DAY in them serve more than 42 thousand soldiers and sergeants - contract employees " - has specified Ivans.

In 2006, has informed vitse - the prime minister, contract employees will complete 20 more parts by an aggregate number more than 31 thousand persons.

SPK about problems of military men, Ivanov has underlined that " reliability of social guarantees of military men is one of the most powerful factors of strengthening of Armed forces ".

Vitse - the prime minister has assured that the management of the Minister of Defence gives to questions matelnogo well-being of military men paramount ATTN. At the same time, he recognised, for today the social status of military men yet to the full corresponds to the state importance of military work.

According to Ivanov, spent in 2005 the increase in a monetary contentment and a monetization of separate privileges of military men have allowed to improve partly only them matelnoe position. " Therefore, except increase on 15 % of a monetary contentment which has passed from the beginning of this year, the monetary contentment of military men and accordingly pensions of the citizens discharged from military service will be raised since January, 1st, 2007 - on 10 %, since November, 1st, 2007 - on 15 % and since September, 1st, 2008 - on 15 % " - He has informed

has specified that it will give the chance to increase a monetary contentment of military men and the size of military pensions within three years by 67 %.

one of the acute problems of Ivans named maintenance of military men with habitation. " 2DAY in lists beskvartirnyh are registered more than 130 thousand families of military men. Still approximately 31 thousand needs improvement of living conditions " - he has told.

Ivanov has informed that 4 the decision of this problem of the Minister of Defence all practises use of market investment mechanisms more actively. " Such approach has allowed to RCV this year about 3,5 thousand apartments, and next year, under our plans, them will be already more than 6 thousand " - has told vitse - the prime minister.