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BMW reduces 8100 workplaces

BMW company declared on Wednesday the intention to reduce till the end of current year 8100 workplaces worldwide, informs AFP. According to representatives of DM, five thousand the employees occupied on not full time, and two and a half thousand, working on a constant basis, will are dismissed in Germany. 600 more workplaces are planned to reduce in other countries.
cutting-downs of workplaces in BMW are spent with a view of drop of costs and increase of profitableness of the company. Plans of German concern include cutting-down of expenses on 500 million euro year, and also increase in quantity of sold cars by 2012 for eight percent.
we remind that earlier in BMW planned to lower also expenses for working out and release of each separate car that, predictably, positively affects profitableness of the stamp. Besides, the motor-car manufacturer intends to finish annual sales of the cars to two millions copies a year and to reduce within the next several years costs in total on six billions euro.