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on February, 22nd

1732 -   George Washington, the first US president was born.
George Vashington is at the beginnings of the American national history. He substantially participated in all undertakings which have transformed thirteen colonies into the union of sovereign republics and then in the first modern federal state. In Virginia and in the Continental congress it decisively opposed an English colonial policy. As the commander-in-chief the American armies, has organised and headed military resistance which after eight years of war has led to independence. Convinced of necessity of the strong central government, participated in 1787 - 1788 in working out and acceptance of the new constitution. On January, 7th, 1789 in the USA the first general election on which the first president of the country has been selected also have taken place. To them became 57 - summer George Vashington. On April, 30th it has been solemnly inaugurated in Manhattan. The first nskogo the federal state. During this period the greatest has been accepted « the Bill ABT the rights » and set of other laws which have become by the base to creation of the modern United States. Washington has stayed on fast of the US president two terms - W 1789 for 1797. On December, 14th, 1799 at the age of 67 years George Vashington has died of a throat acute inflammation. The result of life of the first US president has been formulated by its compatriots and forever is embodied in the history in words: « the First in the war, the first in a peace time, the first in the hearts of the compatriots ». In George Vashingtona`s memory the capital of the United States is named, and in it in 1885 the strict and perfect monument - a granite obelisk in height in 169 metres of square section is opened to it. Inside - a ladder in 898 steps and the lift lifting on top of a monument for 70 seconds. Therefrom it is visible not only all Washington, but also all district of Columbia and in a fair weather territory of three states - Merilenda, Virginia and the Western Virginia.

1921 -   Juliette MAZINA

1921 -   was born; Juliette MAZINA, the Italian film actress was born.
laquo; to road » has brought to it an unanimous recognition and an international recognition which were supported with a leading role in Fellini`s following film « Nights Kabirii » (1957). During In 1950 - h years Juliette Mazina acted in film at different directors, but EVN new roles in Federiko Fellini`s films could not surpass success of Dzhelsominy and Kabirii. Last decades Mazina extremely seldom appeared on the screen. In 1976 she has acted in a film of Sandro Bolki « Camilla » in 1985 - in « to the Mother to the Blizzard » Juraja Jakubisko. The Latest work of the actress Federiko Fellini had a role of Dzhindzher in a film « Dzhindzher and Fred » removed in the same 1985 when Mazine already was for 60 years. In 1993 Juliette was ill with a cancer of lungs. Federiko Fellini hurried up to celebrate a golden wedding, the celebration has been appointed to October, 30th, 1993, but on October, 15th Fellini had a stroke, and on October, 31st he has died. In five MTH after death of the husband - on March, 3rd, 1994 - Juliette Mazina has died.
tsy « old belief » in turn declared « heretics » reformers. Resistance « conservatives » became more and more persistent. Then from arrangements and power links began to pass 2 cruel punishments. In April, 1682 on an imperial sentence one of leaders « conservatives » - the protopriest Habacuc and its associates have been betrayed executions - burnt. That year definitive turn of the authorities 2 a policy of suppression of dissenters was made by force. Arrests and executions of old believe leaders streletskih performances have soon begun. The cathedral of 1682 has planned the whole system of reprisals against старообрядчествa. And in 1685 12 decrees have been published, ordering to confiscate property « conservatives » them to whip and banish, and for « a crossing in old belief » those who was kreshchen already after introduction of reforms, the death penalty relied. Started by Nikonom   reform has typed enormous turns and proceeded already W/ O the poverzhennogo the initiator.
atelam... »), argued with Slavophiles (« the Difference of tastes ») . Kozmy Prutkova politically topical products - satire « the Project » (ABT introduction edinomyslija in Russia), a comedy « a virtue Celebration » etc. Many remarkable, impregnated with popular wisdom, statements of this invented character have not lost the urgency and to the present day (« Zri in a root! » « if you want to be happy, be it » « That it is had - we do not store, having lost – we cry » « Nobody will embrace immense » « Once having lain, who to you will believe? » « watch! ») . Kozmy Prutkova originally printed in « the compositions; the Contemporary » (1851 - 1964), « to the Spark » and « Entertainment » left then separate editions. The collected works W a portrait of Cosmas Prutkova, redaktirovannoe Alexey and Vladimir Zhemchuzhnikovymi, left 1 - m the edition in 1883 and then were republished W/ O changes.

1968 -   the first Soviet polar station « is opened; Bellinsgauzen »

1968 -   the first Soviet polar station at coast of the Western Antarctica « is opened; Bellinsgauzen » named in honour of the great Russian seafarer.
a sea level has opened   Soviet     polar station « Bellinsgauzen » named in honour of the great Russian seafarer. On it were carried out geographical, geological, gljatsiologicheskie and biological researches, and in the middle of 1970 - h years the powerful radio CTR 4 service including fishing fleet there has been created. Nowadays in a complex   stations   the power station, radio station, aerologic pavilion where the radar, point of reception of the satellite information and other office accommodations is established enter. The power station is equipped three diesel engine - generators by capacity of 75 watt ANY1, and in the next bay the tank farm is located. It is the smallest zimovochnaja   station   Russia - on it works eight persons of all-the-year-round structure and five seasonal experts. At ANY1 winterer - the room, is cabins - the companies, library, videorecorders, but the main treasure of polar explorers - old   Soviet   films on metal wheels.
and W an orthodox cross. In a temple sanctification has taken place. Has made a divine liturgy at the big confluence of the Russian and foreign polar explorers and pilgrims the deputy to the Trinity - Sergievoj of monastery diocesan Fiognos to whom this duty was assigned itself patrh by Alexy II. The decree it has founded at a temple patrshee a farmstead, subordinated to the Trinity - Sergievoj to Monastery. The sizes of a temple allow to hold service simultaneously 4 30 persons. Under the decision patrha the temple is devoted by Sacred Zhivonachalnoj to the Trinity. It has been constructed on Altai of a cedar and a larch. Only these breeds of trees allow to sustain other-wordly Antarctic a wind and a cold. Artists worked on an iconostas from Paleha. And bells were reserved by members of a family of Muravevyh - Apostles - descendants of the known Russian Decembrist. The temple on the architectural shape reminds constructions of defensive strong holds. The place consecrated under building is chosen taking into account, that   the temple of Russian orthodox church first in Antarctica was visible from apart.