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The Top-manager of BMW confirmed officially start in a series of a hybrid sport car

BMW company confirmed officially plans on start in a batch production of hybrid conceptual sport car Vision EfficientDynamics which has been presented for the first time on motorshou in Frankfurt in the autumn of last year. The beginning of working out of the similar car on Friday at press conference in Leipzig was declared by the head of department of workings out and the councillor of directors of BMW Klaus Dreger. As he said, on sale on the majority of the world markets the car appears by October, 2013.
“we now are at the initial stage of working out hybrid sporktkara and still we consider various variants of power-plants, we search what is ideally suited for all markets where we prepare to sell such car. For example, it is not excluded that subsequently the diesel motor gives way petrol“, - declared Dreger.
As he said, such can occur for the sport cars intended for the American and Asian markets where the petrol unit in a power-plant makes model more attractively for buyers.“ This car will be at top of our lineup, and in respect of technologies it becomes the most innovative among all our cars “, - added Dreger.
the First test prototypes of a hybrid sport car receive the same power-plant, as on prototype Vision EfficientDynamics. It combines the 1,5-litre three-cylinder diesel engine capacity of 163 horsepowers, two electromotors (on one on each shaft), lithium-polymeric accumulators and the six-step robotised gear box with two clutches. Total power of a power-plant - 328 horsepowers. According to BMW, such sport car can be dispersed to“hundred“for 4,8 seconds, and its maximum speed makes 250 kilometres per hour.
on electropull-rod the hybrid can Exclusively pass about 50 kilometres, and at completely filled 24-litre fuel tank (the diesel motor is used only for cruising range increase in movement) the given distance increases to 700 kilometres. Fuel consumption in the commixed cycle - 3,76 litres on hundred kilometres of run, and level of blowouts CO2 - 99 grammes on kilometre. Car accumulators can be loaded completely from the usual house socket connection for two and a half an hour.
prospective cost of a hybrid sport car of BMW is not known yet. Speaking on this theme, Dreger noticed that “technologies do not cost not much, besides this car will be equipped by systems all modern and known to us which are applied in alternative power-plants“.