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BMW company confirmed returning in DTM

BMW company confirmed officially the returning in one of the most prestigious kuzovnyh series of Europe, German championship Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM). It occurs in 2012, and BMW becomes the third factory command of superiority, along with Mercedes-Benz and Audi.
“BMW returning in DTM becomes a part of re-structuring of our activity in motor racing, - the councillor of directors of corporation Klaus Dreger declared. - placing emphasis on construction of racing cars, BMW comes back to the roots. A racing track - an ideal place for demonstration of uncommon characteristics of our sports cars, and championship DTM where our basic competitors in this segment of the market act, - the best arena for this purpose“.
BMW Corporation left championship DTM after the termination of a season of 1994. The first statement for returning in DTM has been made by the company in April, however since then representatives of BMW carried on negotiations with a management of a series and with other commands concerning regulations of competitions. Now these negotiations are successfully finished, and head DTM Hans Verner Aufreht congratulated the future participant of a series.
“we welcome BMW decision to join to DTM since 2012, - he told. Is one more mark for the successful future of our racing series, and proves that efforts which we put last years, did not go to waste. I hope again to see, how three premiums-brands, Audi, BMW and Mercedes, compete with each other on a line. Our fans very long waited for it“.
As it became known, a basis for the new racing car becomes BMW M3 which prepares sports division of the company, BMW Motorsport.“ We began corresponding probes in April when the statement for intention to return to the championship for the first time sounded, - the head of BMW Motorsport Mario Tajssen declared. - Now, after approval of this decision by company board of directors, we, at last, received “green light“ seriously to be engaged in car working out “.
BMW Company participated earlier in Formule-1, however after ten years of presence at them made decision to leave the championship and to concentrate on kuzovnyh races. In a current season the German motor-car manufacturer participates only in the World championship on kuzovnym to races (WTCC) and in competitions GT. About BMW plans on struggle continuation in these series while it it is not known.