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BMW company officially presented a hybrid sport car

BMW company officially presented conceptual non-polluting sport car EfficientDynamics which will be presented general public in September on motorshou in Frankfurt. As they say in the press release, the car combines dynamics of the “loaded“ M-versions of BMW and high fuel efficiency of hybrids.
the prototype of BMW EfficientDynamics with the landing formula 2+2 is constructed on the aluminium chassis, and the most part of its body is created from special polikarbonatnogo glasses which is automatically blacked out at a bright sun light. The car is equipped by the hybrid power-plant consisting of a three-cylinder 163-strong turbodiesel in volume of 1,5 litres which works together with the robotised gear box with two clutches, and two electromotors - on one on each shaft. Thus capacity located in front of the 80-strong electric motor in case of need can increase for 30 seconds to 112 horsepowers or for 10 seconds - to 139 horsepowers. The general capacity of a power-plant makes 356 horsepowers, and the maximum twisting moment reaches 800 Nanometers.
on given BMWs, from zero to “hundred“ conceptual sport car is capable to be accelerated for 4,8 seconds and to reach the maximum speed of 250 kilometres per hour limited on this mark to electronics. Average fuel consumption of the car is equal 3,76 litres on hundred kilometres of run, and level of blowouts CO2 - 99 grammes on kilometre. A cruising range of a prototype of BMW EfficientDynamics at movement it is exclusive on electropull-rod makes 50 kilometres, and at diesel engine connection increases to 690 kilometres.
As specify in BMW companies, energy distribution, time of connection of electromotors and work of other components of a power-plant miscalculates the computer which at the expense of the data from navigating system, systems of an automatic stop and a starting engine operation is capable to “predict“ a road situation ahead of the car. According to it the system prepares necessary systems for work and accumulates or redistributes energy for their work.
a charge lithium-polymeric of accumulators of a power-plant from the usual house socket connection with pressure of 220 volt occupies 2,5 hours, and at pressure of 380 volt of only 44 minutes. Besides, the car is equipped by system rekuperatsii energy at braking.
as it was informed earlier, the production version of a sport car of BMW EfficientDynamics appears by the end of 2012 and will be exhausted by the limited series.