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Electric Mini Cooper show in November

BMW company plans on opening in November of current year motorshou Los Angeles, to present the electric version of car Mini Cooper which sales in the limited circulations in the markets of the USA and Great Britain begin after a while after a debut. On it informs the British edition Autocar, referring to not named high-ranking sources in a German motor-car manufacturer.
for an electric motor food accumulators for which seating in the car of the company of BMW it is necessary to alter a little will be used lithium-ionic, predictably, the interior including to refuse a back row of armchairs. According to preliminary data, at completely loaded batteries the cruising range of electric version Mini makes approximately from 160 to 217 kilometres, and dispersal from zero to 96 kilometres per hour occupies about nine seconds. The official data about a technical stuffing of a novelty while is kept a secret.
we Remind that in the USA cars Mini equipped with the 105-strong electromotor already are on sale. However such cars are not BMW working out, and are created nevadskoj by company Hybrid Technologies which on usual delivered of Great Britain Mini Cooper establishes the complete set of batteries in weight about 250 kgs, the electromotor and a firm control system of accumulators. The cruising range of such car makes about 190 kilometres.