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BMW brings the new concept car to Tokyo

BMW company plans to present at the international auto show to Tokyo opening on October, 26th of current year, the new concept car constructed on a platform of model 1-Series. On it informs a site referring to Automotive News.
the Detailed information on a novelty while reveals, and representatives of German corporation only denied hearings that this car begins to represent a prototype of the compact crossover X1 which beginning of a batch production is planned on the end of 2010. In BMW declared that it will be perfect other car.
also it is possible to notice that besides BMW on the Tokyo showroom the concept cars bring also other German companies. For example, Audi intend to show to general public a prototype of new compact hatchback A1. It is expected that in sale the similar serial version of this car arrives in 2010. Besides, Volkswagen concern presents the five-door minivan created on motives of the conceptual car up!. Earlier it was informed that serial release of such minivan begins not earlier than 2011.