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BMW company confirmed working out of “green“ car Megacity

BMW company confirmed working out of the new “green“ car under name Megacity. It becomes the second car constructed within the limits of realisation of the program “Project i“, meaning creation and the subsequent manufacture of non-polluting vehicles. The electric version of hatchback MINI became the first model of this project completely. About it in Munich at the press conference devoted to results of activity of the stamp for year, the chief executive of BMW Group Norbert Rejthofer informed.
the Final decision about design of the new car, and also about that under what brand it will be issued, while is not present. Rejthofer only noticed what to create otelnuju the stamp for non-polluting cars it is not planned. Megacity becomes the first model from a new ruler of cars with ultralow level of blowouts CO2.“ Buyers can choose between completely electric version and the car with the economic motor of internal combustion “, - declared Rejthofer.
it is expected that the batch production of the new car begins approximately in five-six years. According to site Motorauthority, serial“green“cars of BMW become global models for which the company, probably, revives name Isetta. As it was informed earlier, into initial plans of the stamp entered to sell such cars in number of 100 thousand pieces a year.