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European “treshki“ BMWs received new motors

BMW company extended the information on scale of engines for family of the updated cars 3-Series in the European specification. As they say in the official press release, the new three-litre motor with direct injection of fuel and one turbocharger will be accessible both to a coupe and a cabriolet, and for a sedan and the versatile person. Such engine developing 306 horsepowers, can work together with the robotised gear box with two clutches and becomes a bit more economic than the predecessor.
the sedan and the versatile person 3-Series in version 318d also receive the modernised two-litre diesel engine which capacity makes 143 horsepowers, and the maximum twisting moment will be equal 320 Nanometers (on 20 Nanometers more than at the previous version of this unit). Engines of a coupe and BMW cabriolet 320d and 325d became more powerful. In the first case two-litre diesel “four“ will develop now 184 horsepowers (380 Nanometers) that on seven horsepowers it is more, and - kickback of three-litre “six“ increases in the second with 197 to 204 horsepowers (the maximum twisting moment grows with 400 to 430 Nanometers). We notice that these modernised motors since March of current year receive also a sedan and the versatile person.
according to BMW company, “dvuhdverka“ 320d it can be dispersed from zero to hundred kilometres per hour for 7,5 seconds (for the six tenth seconds faster, than earlier), and the open version - for 8,3 seconds (for 0,9 seconds faster). Speedup to “hundred“ 325d Coupe occupies from version of 6,9 seconds (before 7,3 seconds), and at 325d Convertible - 7,5 seconds (before 7,9 seconds).
Besides, at updated “treshki“ there will be a harmless version 320d EfficientDynamics, spending on hundred kilometres of a way about 4,1 litres of fuel. Its level of blowouts CO2 makes 109 grammes on kilometre, dispersal to “hundred“ occupies eight seconds, and the maximum speed is equal to 230 kilometres per hour.
as it was informed earlier, besides new units of BMW 3-Series also received other front bumpers, headlights, a radiator enclosure, other tail lights and additional variants of furnish of an interior.
on sale the updated coupes and a cabriolet appear next spring.