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BMW shows a prototype of new “six“ in Paris

BMW company extended official photos of a prototype of a coupe 6-Series which debut takes place in the end of September on a showroom in Paris.
the shape of the concept car was developed under the direction of the new chief-designer of BMW Adriana van by Hojdonka - the car in many respects reminds new “five“, but looks more dynamical and elegant. Besides, on a prototype for the first time there were completely light-emitting diode headlights which, predictably, will be ustanovlivatsja on topovye versions serial sporktupe.
BMW 6-Series saves a drive gear on rear wheels (though in the future occurrence of all-wheel drive versions is not excluded), and will be equipped six- and eight-cylinder motors with a turbo-supercharging. The car overall length, according to magazine Autocar, makes 4820 millimetres, width - 1855 millimetres, and height - 1375 millimetres. The size of a luggage compartment - 450 litres.
Besides, new “six“ of BMW receives the modernised multimedia complex iDrive with the big, 10-inch display on a front panel and function of a projection of indications bortkompjutera and navigating system on front the car. Topovye versions 6-Series will be equipped, predictably, with an audiosystem on components Bang and Olufsen about 16th dinamikami and the digital processor.
when the serial version of new “six“ will be shown - not specified yet.