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The Russian assembly reduced the price of BMW X5 and X6 on 350-450 thousand roubles

BMW company extended the prices for crossovers of BMW X5 and X6, assembled on car factory “???«?«?“ in Kaliningrad. The most accessible BMW X5 xDrive30i with the three-litre 272-strong motor costs now 2 million 797 thousand roubles. If to compare to the prices for imported cars (at the moment of a note writing were on a site of the Stavropol dealer of BMW) thanks to the Russian assembly this model fell in price almost on 350 thousand roubles.
more expensive BMW X5 xDrive48i, assembled in Kaliningrad, will cost 3 million 565 thousand rubles is on 445 thousand more cheaply, than earlier.
BMW X6 with three-litre turbomotorom (306 horsepowers), fell in price on 374 thousand roubles, and X6 xDrive50i with 4,4-litre “eight“ capacity of 407 horsepowers, now it is possible to buy the most powerful on 471 thousand roubles more cheaply.
According to representatives of the Russian office of BMW, the car in Kaliningrad will assemble under concrete orders, and buyers can choose any complete set with any engine. Unique restriction - “loaded“ X5 M and X6 M, equipped with 555-strong engines, in Russia will not assemble.
earlier it was informed that in a year of “Avtotor“ will assemble on one thousand BMW X5 and X6, however real volumes of output will be dictated by a condition of the Russian market.