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Timoshenko promises to leave from fast of the prime minister if Leader BJUT Yulia Timoshenko does not return to people money

promises to refuse from premerstva if it throughout two years will not manage to return to citizens of their savings in the Savings Bank of the former USSR.

" I know that we can within two years to people money return. If I do not return to people money within two years, I unlike our men - politicians will put the statement and I will leave from a post CUZ posts are not necessary if you cannot promised give to people " - Timoshenko on air of the Ukrainian TV channel " has told; 1+1 ".

the New Ukrainian government will be generated following the results of preschedule parliamentary elections on September, 30th. The nominee of the prime minister is put forward by a coalition. The president or agrees with the offered nominee, or - is not present, on what informs parliament.

BJUT intend to put forward on fast of the prime minister of the leader of Timoshenko. If on elections BJUT together with the propresidential block " Our Ukraine - National self-defence " will defeat, it is not excluded that its nominee will be put forward and confirmed on a post of the head of the government. Timoshenko already was the prime minister - the minister in 2005. In September, 2005 the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko has sent in Timoshenko`s resignation and all its government.

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