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high-speed trains do not go To Spain from - for strikes of machinists

High-speed trains have stopped movement in Spain from - for 24 - hour strike of machinists and the auditors, spent at the initiative of trade union General confederation of workers (GKT), the representative of this trade union has informed News.

" trains Ave, Euromed, Talgo 200 and Avant, serving basic high-speed lines of the country Are stopped: Madrid - Taragona, Madrid - Malaga, Barcelona - Alicante, Madrid - Toledo and Madrid - Seville " - he has told.

As he said, 24 - hour strike will pass 2 on September, 30th, and since October, 1st the trade union intends, in a case if its requirements will not be satisfied, to spend daily strikes in the morning and 2NITE.

" GKT it is dissatisfied with personnel selection (state) railway company RENFE which intends to refuse personnel workers to train for a new profession 4 driving of high-speed trains of new generation and to type for this WRK youth " - the interlocutor of agency has noted.

ABT strike, the representative has told, it was known in advance so on high-speed trains tickets to passengers were not on sale.

On some routes, for example, Madrid - Seville, trains reach speeds of 300 kilometres per hour.

In Spain the tendency to send from gosucherezhdeny people on preschedule pension from 50 years is traced, justifying it is structural reorganisation at the enterprise, thus within 15 years (B4 official pension age - 65 years) pay to people from 80 B4 90 % of the salary.