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to the Father of British football player Bekhema the heart operation

to the Father of known British football player David Bekhema Tedu Bekhemu has been made the heart operation is made, passes on Friday the British TV channel " Skye Njuz ".

gas fitter Ted Bekhem is now in the London hospital London ๑hest Hospital which has the greatest in Great Britain the CTR of treatment of heart diseases.

" Mr. Bekhema will be treated by the best experts in heart in Great Britain " - marks TV channel.

" I can CFM that it in London ๑hest Hospital and that its status is stable " - the representative of the British National health service (NHS) has declared, in turn.

David Bekhem playing now for club of football league of the USA (MLS) " Los - Andzheles Gelaksi " has arrived to LDN the day before in the afternoon to come to see the sick father. David`s WF, the former participant of group Spise Girls Victoria will join it 2DAY. Overnight it has taken off for the British capital from Japan where was on affairs.

Bekhem - the senior is divorced with David Sandroj`s mother from whom it 2 has daughter Dzhoanna.

the Real name of Bekhema - the senior - too David, however he prefers, that it named its second name - Edward, the reduced which version - Ted.

In 2005 Ted Bekhem, in a youth dreaming of career of the football player, has published the book under the name " David Bekhem - my son ".

David Bekhem, the former captain of English national team, in the end of last season has concluded the five years` contract W club " Los - Andzheles Gelaksi " in cost of 128 million pounds. The overall objective of transition from " Real " in " Gelaksi " Bekhem named a raising of interest to football in the USA.