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Some Russian tour operators do not reserve air tickets to Myanma

News Moscow, 28 - News searches for eyewitnesses of events in Myanma

. the Part of the Russian tourist agencies is not reserved yet by air tickets to Myanma in connection with incessant FU in this country, have informed News in several tourist agencies of Moscow.

" We very tensely watch a situation and while we hold people in position " stand by " that is do not try there anything while to reserve. If within a week there will be no situation improvement we will remove booking and to cancel all " - head of one of tourist agencies has told News.

As he said, many accepting companies in Myanma do not work within three days, offices are closed. " therefore even if we would want to reserve, the sense in it is not present. Now we simply W8 " - he has specified.

As employees of the Russian tourist agencies mark, great demand for tickets to Myanma was on the beginning of November in connection with school vacation.

However in some companies giving target tours to Myanma, have informed that the stream of the Russian tourists has not decreased.

" As well as after hurricane in Thailand, after events in other regions when the western tourists handed over the tickets, Russians in connection with own national mentality continue to visit " difficult " regions " - the director of one and travel agencies has told.

According to the interlocutor, partners in its business from Myanma which now are at a tourist exhibition in Moscow, assure that no complexities 4 tourists from Russia in their country will arise. " they are assured of security of our tourists " - the head of the Russian travel agency has told.

Mass stirrings in Myanma have begun on August, 19th. As occasion 2 them the double rise in prices entered by the government for fuel has served.

Besides increase of a standard of living the protesting demand carrying out in the country of democratic reforms, and also clearings from - under 11 - summer house arrest of the leader won elections in 1990 of National league for democracy, the Nobel prize winner of the world Aun San Su Chi.