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Foreign students in the Russian high schools became less

Foreign students who get education on a budgetary basis in the Russian high schools, becomes less, has informed on Friday on a press - conferences in News of the deputy minister of science and education of the Russian Federation Vladimir Fridljanov.

" the Quantity of the foreign students trained at us, is reduced " - the deputy minister has told.

Till 1991 in Russia, according to Fridljanova, were trained 126 thousand foreign students. Now their quantity was reduced B4 90 thousand.

As he said, annually in higher educational institutions of Russia arrive 7 thousand foreign students which study both on budgetary, and on an off-budget basis. 2DAY them about 200 thousand, including 21 thousand study free of charge.

Fridljanov has noticed that the greatest quantity of students from other states arrives on budgetary branches of the Moscow State University and RUDN. These high schools are chosen 4 themselves mainly by entrants from the CIS, the African countries, and recently - from Latin America and China.

answering a question of journalists on increase prospects in high schools of the Russian Federation of quantity of the European students, the deputy minister has assumed that it will occur, when conditions of residing in the Russian hostels will be improved and necessary level of security is provided.

In conversation with the correspondent of News on youth affairs what declared on September, 25th the president of Russia Vladimir Putin, the deputy minister has informed on creation of the State committee of the Russian Federation that unessentially this committee will be created on the basis of the ministry.

" we have such function - working out of the state youth policy. We have developed the federal target program and strategy of development of a youth policy we develop. While such function is, and nobody cancelled it, CUZ there should be a governmental order " - Fridljanov has reminded.