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the State Duma offers the USA, to Poland and Czechia to hold session on the ABM

the State Duma offers the colleagues - to members of parliament of the USA, Poland and Czechia - to spend joint conference in Moscow on which consequences of placing of the American ABM in the Eastern Europe will be discussed.

According to the head of the Duma committee of Konstantin Kosacheva`s international affairs, the corresponding statement will be accepted chamber on Friday, on October, 5th.

the Head of committee has noticed that as the invited persons there can be members of parliament and from other countries whom this subject interests. In particular, members of parliament can participate in WRK of conference as observers from the Near-Eastern countries.

Kosachev has told that in case of placing of elements of the ABM in the Eastern Europe, Europe and the whole world as a whole can be involved in the next race of arms which is necessary to nobody.

ABM Placing in Poland and Czechia will force Russia to take adequate measures for protection of national security, the head of committee has added.

the USA within the limits of creation of system of the ABM plan to place protivorakety in Poland and a radar in Czechia. In Moscow consider that placing of elements of the American system of the ABM in the Eastern Europe is direct threat of security of Russia.