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In the Pentagon remains of the soldier of the Second World War

In Pentagon laboratory are identified remains of the soldier of the Second World War, before considered as the missing person are identified. ABT it News sobshchili in a press - service of the American military department.

" He/she is the lieutenant of the American Air Forces of Shennon Estill from the city of Sedar Repids (State of Iowa). Its remains will be buried on October, 10th on the Arlingtonsky cemetery near Washington " - informs a press - Pentagon service.

Samolet Estilla has been brought down by enemy antiaircraft fire on April, 13th, 1945 over east Germany. The pilot of other plane who was together with Estillom on the task C, how the plane of its brother-soldier has failed on the earth and has blown up.

" Right after wars to find out a body of Estilla it was not represented possible as the place of airplane crash was on so-called " the Soviet sector " - specifies the Pentagon.

And only in 2003 the command of military experts - archeologists surveyed a place of airplane crash near to the city of Elsing in east Germany. To find a place of wreck to Americans have helped German " searchers ". Besides, two local residents who C accident still have told about a place of airplane crash also being children.

In 2005 on a place of airplane crash excavation has been made. Military archeologists managed to find human remains and plane P fragments - 38, and also the identification tablet of the plane.

As informs a press - service, to establish the person of the lost pilot DNA analysis has helped.